Park & Playground Hygiene

Clean * Disinfect * Protect

Reassure the families utilizing your parks and playgrounds of your commitment to their wellness and safety with our proprietary and "best in class" Park & Playground service that uses the Power of Light to Clean™.

  • Save Water, Energy & Time: Our proprietary "Power of Light"  technology creates surfaces that stay clean longer compared to similar services.  Cleaner surfaces mean reduced maintenance regimens. Pressure wash less often and save 50% of the water, chemical, energy and time you currently spend on exterior surface cleaning.
  • Reverse Pollution: Hardscape and fixtures become smog busters that reduce NOx, SOx and particulate (PM 2.5 and PM 10) levels in the air.
  • Reduce Risk: Self-cleaning and bio-protective playground equipment mitigates the potential for negative health impacts.

Our three step professional cleaning and disinfection process ensures a residue-free, non-toxic, biologically and environmentally positive result that actually improves the air and creates self-cleaning surfaces!  

Download our info sheet here.

For more information and pricing, please fill out our contact form or call us at 908-755-0316.  Services are immediately available in the greater NY/NJ/CT region including Eastern PA; with partnership programs Nationwide.  Please call or fill out contact form to discuss your project to provide confidence and peace of mind to families using your parks, playgrounds and outdoor facilities.

If desired, you may choose optional Access full service program which provides meaningful, rewarding employment to individuals with disabilities. Learn more about Access NJ here.

Confident to play safely again

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