High Performance Coatings - no more stripping and waxing!

Liquid Glass Micron technology and products are 21st century, Micron-thin, rapid dry, burnishable, silica-based floor coatings ideally suited for demanding commercial environments including schools, restaurants, health care and retail. These products provide outstanding benefits compared to the use of acrylic floor finish or conventional hard surface polishing, respectively.

Products include Liquid Glass:

• Stone and Concrete

• Vinyl and Rubber

• Ceramic Tile

• Porous Surface Primer

• Refresh and Restore

These coatings are comprised of proprietary compounds. These compounds are derived from a reactive process combining a variety of particles ranging from Nano to Micron-sized molecules, which form ceramic like polymer droplets. These droplets deposited on a flooring surface create a micron thin film structure with durability and refresh-ability. These coatings have multiple years of proven performance in USA and Canadian commercial office, retail, institutional, educational and restaurant environments and demonstrate easy refresh-ability.

These coatings are not cross-linked polymer floor finishes. They are not urethane or epoxy or Polyaspartic or latex coatings or impregnating sealers. They are not derived from hydrocarbon material. Unlike conventional finishes, they do not rely on heat to melt a polymer finish to achieve a higher gloss.

These high performance coatings provide highly differentiated and exceptional performance:

• Lowers cost of owning a floor (less labor, less material, less overall)

• Realize superb clarity and appearance with its micron thin film

• Achieve low cost per sq. ft. due to fewer number of coats and extensive coverage per gallon

• Easy and fast to apply, measured by thousands of feet per man hour

• Rapid In-use times, rapid dry times, all measured in minutes

• Adheres without abrasion to dense, smooth and polished surfaces • Adheres to highly flexible materials

• Sustainable or green on multiple fronts, inputs and outputs

• Easily repairable, easily refreshed

• Burnish less frequently, 50% or less burnishing is typical

• Eliminates ongoing need to strip but can be easily removed

• Nearly 0 VOC’s per liter

• Satin sheen but can be burnished for higher shine

• No to low odor

• Attractive scratch, abrasion, stain resistance and easily refreshable

• Easy to keep clean

• Re coat much less frequently than floor finish