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Nano Floor Protector - Interior/Exterior Gloss Floor Coating for ALL Surfaces (2.5 gallons)

  • $ 350.00

New Technology! Look no further! Finally - a coating that can be used on every surface! CleanSmart's Nano Floor Protector can be used on all surfaces (VCT, wood, concrete, terrazzo, marble, epoxy, urethane - use as a repair coat and bring back color) in commercial, residential and heavy/demanding traffic areas. Ideal for both interior and exterior application, CleanSmart’s Nano Floor Protector provides excellent protection from stains and soil penetration on virtually all floor surfaces. Dries rapidly, is easy to apply, easy to repair and can be scrubbed with a green pad and buffed - no need to re-coat! Chemical resistant, yet easy to strip, it is a durable protective coating to improve gloss and maintain slip resistance for both sealed and unsealed floors. Apply a thin even coat with a clean flat microfiber pad at 3,000-sq. ft. + per gallon. Dries in 10-15 minutes. Apply a 2nd coat for optimal performance. Burnishing with a hi-speed buffer is recommended on smooth surfaces to increase gloss and speed cure time. Use CleanSmart Enviro-Pro cleaner daily or CleanSmart’s Neutral Heavy-Duty Citrus Cleaner which also improves slip resistance. Use CleanSmart Primer for porous surfaces such as VCT and bare wood or to build gloss.

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