LG Micron Protector for Stone, Concrete, Terrazzo

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CleanSmart Liquid Glass Micron Protector for stone, terrazzo and concrete (LG Micron Protector) is a clear, inorganic based, high performance micron thin film protector for all natural stones, terrazzo (epoxy and cement based), concrete and cement based materials. LG Micron Protector provides a natural, micron thin, non-yellowing, clear appearance while adding protection from stains, abrasion, scratches and overall abuse and providing an attractive wet or dry coefficient of friction. Rapid dry time - typically 10 minutes! Single component - NO mixing. It is removable with chemical stripper containing butyl, grinding it off the floor or removing with a CleanSmart EPP pad. See picture of floor BEFORE application of LG Micron Protector and AFTER. Also see picture of Newark Penn Station where you can see the application of LG Micron Protector in the center of the floor, next to area without LG Micron Protector

Coverage is approx. 6,000'/gallon for 1-coat. Note: coverage varies based on porosity of surface.

Do not allow product to come in contact with gloss, fabric, metal or painted surfaces. For interior use only. Do not apply cleaners or products containing butyl, citrus or di-limonene