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All Natural Electrolytic Cleaner

EnviroPro All Natural Cleaner-Case of 2

  • $ 117.80

Enviro-Pro cleaner is the natural choice for replacing nearly every cleaner you currently use leaving surfaces sparkling clean. Check out Enviro-Pro's dispensing options. If using one of our dispensing guns, you must order the dilution with closed loop inserts. Applications: cleans glass/windows and lightly soiled surfaces; excellent toilet bowl cleaner; great all purpose cleaner; pump directly into mop bucket for a floor cleaner with either or 1 oz pump or 1/8 oz pump. Go to our Product Info page to see how easy it is to use Enviro-Pro!
Nano, All-Natural, Electrolytic Product

All natural ingredients; zero hazards; nano electrolytic technology; cleans better and faster; cleans all surfaces; deodorizes; shines; streak free. Available in 3-concentrates. Go to our Product Info page and click on "Enviro-Pro Easy to Use and Dispense" to see how easy it is to use Enviro-Pro as a glass and surface cleaner; toilet bowl cleaner; all-purpose cleaner; and as a floor cleaner.
Available concentrates (with or without closed loop inserts): 
512:1- 2 gal/case (most economical) 
256:1- 2 gal/case (most popular) 
64:1- 4 gal/case 

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